RESNET Complaint Resolution Process

RESNET’s rater members subscribe to high standards of quality and ethics in their rating and auditor services. RESNET has adopted a complaint resolution process to address compliance complaints of a rater’s services. RESNET has also developed a formal Certification Review process in conjunction with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to respond to situations in which homeowners have concerns about the ENERGY STAR certification of their home.

The RESNET complaint resolution process only covers activities specified in the RESNET Standards. It does not cover other services provided to the consumer not specified in the RESNET Standards. The first step in resolving a dispute with a certified rater or EnergySmart contractor is to contact the RESNET Accredited Provider that certified the party. All RESNET Accredited Providers are required to have a complaint resolution process. A complaint should only be filed with RESNET if the complaint is directed at a Provider or the Provider fails to comply with this complaint resolution process.

Complaints will only be considered if they are filed within two (2) years of the date of the rating. Complaints filed after this time will be dismissed.

To file a formal complaint click HERE.

ENERGY STAR Certification Review

ENERGY STAR certified homes undergo a process of independent inspections and testing to ensure that they meet strict requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In cases where a homeowner has concerns about the ENERGY STAR certification of their home, the first and best option is to attempt a resolution directly with the home builder (typically through the builder’s home warranty process). If unsuccessful, a homeowner can request a Certification Review, which will determine if their home should maintain its ENERGY STAR certification or if the certification must be withdrawn based on a review of the home’s current physical state. Please review EPA’s Certification Review policy for more information.

RESNET will review the request for eligibility and assign a Quality Assurance Designee (QAD) from the home’s original Accredited Provider to complete the Certification Review using the and the RESNET QA Checklist. After collecting documentation of the original certification, the QAD will schedule a visit to the home to inspect and test the current conditions. Homeowners should coordinate a date and time for the visit at their earliest convenience.

The QAD will complete the review and prepare a Certification Review Report within 60 days of assignment.

  • If the QAD determines that the home fails the Certification Review, the ENERGY STAR certification of the home will be withdrawn.
  • If the QAD determines that the home passes the Certification Review, the ENERGY STAR certification of the home will be maintained.

A homeowner has the right to appeal this determination, at their discretion, by hiring a Qualified RESNET QAD to complete their own Certification Review Report. Note that only reports completed by Qualified RESNET QADs will be accepted because those professionals have the specialized skills and knowledge to perform Certification Reviews. If the results of the reviews differ, RESNET will work with EPA to make a final determination.

To formally request a Certification Review, click HERE.