The HERS Index is in the mainstream of the housing market.  To date over 3 million homes have been HERS rated and over 299,000 homes a year are HERS rated in the U.S.

To stay competitive builders are always looking for new products and building practices to cost effectively lower their homes’ HERS Index Score.

To provide product supplier representatives and sales staff, contractors, and builders with a basic understanding of how RESNET’s Home Energy Rating System (HERS) works RESNET has created the HERS Affiliate Designation.

This designation allows product suppliers and contractors an ability to communicate effectively with their builder clients on the contributions their product or service have on the builder’s HERS Index Score.

In order to receive the designation, one must successfully complete the RESNET online training.  The course is less than two hours in length and consists of the following 9 modules:

  • Introduction of RESNET and the HERS Index
  • HERS Raters and RFIs
  • Why Builders Should Get their Homes Rated
  • HERS Rater Training and Quality Assurance
  • Conducting a Home Energy Rating
  • Basics of Building Science
  • Building Components
  • HERS and Energy Codes
  • HERS in Green Building Programs

There is a short exam at the end of the 9 modules. Successful completion of the training will result in a designation of HERS Affiliate.

The HERS Affiliate course is loaded on RESNET’s online training portal. Once you register for an account you will have access to the HERS Affiliate training. Sign-up for the training portal here:

The HERS Affiliate designation was inspired by the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board.