Lower Home Ownership Costs

In annual energy savings for HERS® rated homes in the US in 2018

An energy-efficient home can help you save anywhere from 5% to 30% on energy bills according to the DOE.

Breathe Easier With Healthier Indoor Air

Fresh air ventilation that replaces stale indoor air with cleaner, outdoor air

Better Home Comfort That You Can Feel

No cold spots in rooms in the winter or stiflingly hot rooms during the summer

HERS® rated homes offer better energy performance and are better built and better insulated, making them warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

The confidence of knowing your home has been inspected and tested to meet national energy standards by a trained, certified and independent HERS® rater.

A Better Home Means Less Worry

Energy performance and build quality that has been tested and certified by a HERS® rater

Enjoy Higher Resale Values

Energy efficient homes Sold 89 days faster than traditional homes in 2018 as compared to 2017

Energy efficient HERS® rated homes sell for a premium anywhere from 3.5% to upwards of 9% and more compared to standard homes.

When you buy a HERS® rated home, you’re helping reduce your home’s pollution and carbon emissions, and protect the environment.

Better for the Environment

The 236,000 homes that were HERS® rated in the US annually reduces over 1 million tons of carbon production every year

Help Boost the Economy

Energy efficiency sector added 67,000 jobs in the US in 2017

HERS® rated homes help stimulate the economy through lowering energy costs for families, industry and businesses, and by creating jobs in the energy efficiency sector.

A comprehensive HERS® home energy rating, conducted by a certified RESNET Home Energy Rater is an in-depth energy performance assessment of a home.

Environmentally friendly new homes that use less energy and deliver improved home comfort. Impossible? Think again! Think HERS® rated. Find the RESNET Energy Smart builders in your area who are building them.