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5 Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving More Energy Efficient

Nov 8, 2013

Thanksgiving is one of America’s most favorite holidays! Nothing beats a good Thanksgiving: tons of roast turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, not to mention having all the family together around the table. In today’s hectic world, that doesn’t happen very often, does it? But how many of us have actually considered the cost of the traditional Thanksgiving feast in terms of energy efficiency? It only hits later, after the turkey’s gone and everyone’s back home. That’s when you wonder, how on earth did my energy costs get so high? Fortunately there some steps you can take to make your Thanksgiving energy efficient this year and keep those energy costs under control.

1. Don’t Keep Opening the Oven Door to Check on the Turkey!

It’s tempting to do, but opening that oven even a crack to check the turkey costs you more money than it’s worth! Because each time you do, the temperature in the oven drops, forcing it to use more energy to maintain a constant temperature. So, instead of opening the oven door, use the light instead and monitor your bird through the window.

2. Maximize Your Oven Usage

Cut down on the amount of time the oven is in use by putting several dishes in at once. Pies, potatoes, vegetables, and the turkey, of course, all need to be roasted or baked. Try and combine as many as possible!

3. Use Your Microwave

Use your microwave to cook side dishes instead of the oven. Microwaves not only cook faster but also use just a fraction of the electricity that ovens do. Also consider using a slow cooker for some items to cut down on oven usage.

4. Use the Proper Burner

One of the biggest ways to lose energy is by putting a small pot on a large burner! Be sure to match pots and pans with the same size burners (or as close as possible). To increase stove energy efficiency even more, make sure you keep your burners clean and use heat reflectors.

5. Load Up the Dishwasher!

Before you start the dishwasher, make sure it’s at maximum capacity! The more dishes you wash at one time means using your dishwasher less. Also use the low-heat and energy-saver options. Result: less energy used, therefore more money saved! Also, scrape plates clean instead of rinsing before putting them into the dishwasher to save water.

These few energy saving tips can you help make your Thanksgiving more energy efficient, which is good for your bank account and good for the environment! Happy Thanksgiving!