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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Are Energy Efficient

Sep 6, 2012

So it’s time for your bathroom to get a makeover. There are a million options to choose from, starting with the color of the walls to the type of cabinetry you want to use. But there’s more to a bathroom than making it look pretty, and it’s easy to forget the amount of energy your bathroom can waste. So when deciding on bathroom remodeling ideas, why not look at some options that look good and work efficiently? There are plenty of choices!

Your Bathroom in a Nutshell

Windows: They are a great place to start since you can buy energy efficient ones that carry the ENERGY STAR label. These windows are insulated to prevent your bathroom from getting too hot or too cold. Energy efficient windows come in many designs and colors, providing you with a lot of choice when renovating!

Shower, Sink, and Toilet: The water use from these three alone can be a killer. About 50 – 75% of water used in your house is from your bathroom alone! If you enjoy long showers or leave the faucet running, it’s a safe bet that your bills are high. Installing WaterSense® labeled faucets and showerheads save you gallons of water. Two-button dual-flush toilets are also a great choice since they use only a fraction of the water that regular toilets do. All of these come in classy to elegant and modern styles that will kick your bathroom design up a notch.

Lighting: Just because this is your bathroom, it doesn’t mean that the lights should be boring. Remember, your choice of lights can make your bills higher. Why should one of the smallest rooms in your house be one of the most expensive? Go for energy efficient lighting such as CFLs that use less electricity. You can even find energy efficient ambient lights to give your bathroom a spa-like feel while saving cash.

Floors, Walls, and Counters: These are not direct energy savers, but they’ll keep your wallet a little fuller. Your choice of materials will affect how much and how often you spend, so choose wisely! It also affects how your bathroom will look. Wood gives your bathroom a natural look and is great as long as you protect it from water and moisture. Tiles look modern and are a safe way to go. There are pros and cons to picking the right finishes, but there are ways to overcome the cons.

Where to Start

So where can you start with your bathroom remodeling ideas? Hire a qualified RESNET contractor. They’ll identify the areas of your bathroom that should be more energy efficient. With a RESNET contractor, your creativity won’t be flushed away! They’ll help you choose fixings that are both stylish and efficient. Not only will you save money but your bathroom remodeling ideas will come to life!