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Brad Pitt Knows How to Make it Right!

Mar 28, 2012

No one can accuse Brad Pitt of being uncool. You also can’t accuse him of being too hot in summer or too cold in the winter. That’s because if there’s one thing Brad Pitt knows, it’s the value of air sealing and how to build energy efficient homes.

In 2007, the actor helped co-found the Make It Right Foundation, an eco-friendly organization whose goal is to build 150 environmentally friendly homes in the New Orleans Lower 9th Ward, which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. So what’s Brad’s view on building energy efficient homes?

You build it tight, sealing it; you build in the direction of the sun and the wind; and you use solar and water collection. It’s not that hard to do.” Words to live by and many, especially those living the eco-friendly houses he helped build, are actually doing it. What many Americans are beginning to realize is that by doing something as simple as air sealing their home, they could end up saving hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year.

In order to understand what air sealing is you first need to know about air leakage. Air leakage is the process by which air escapes in and out of your home, resulting in a cold and draughty house in winter and an uncomfortably warm one in summer. In addition, because you’re constantly fiddling with the thermostat, air leakage helps drive your utility bills, well…through the roof.

That’s where air sealing comes in or, as Brad said it, build it tight, sealing it. While air leaks are most commonly found around doors and windows, they can also occur in unlikely places such as electrical outlets, ducts, baseboards and plumbing, to name just a few. By air sealing these areas, you can cut down your energy costs by up to 30%.

Air sealing puts an end to air leakage and the best way to do it is to hire a RESNET Qualified Home Energy Rater or EnergySmart Contractor. By conducting tests using specialized equipment, Home Energy Raters and EnergySmart Contractors are able to identify the sources of air leakage and seal them properly. If left unchecked, air leakage could lead to other potentially serious problems including:

  • Building durability issues due to the air leakage paths
  • An increased risk of fire spread
  • Creation of entry points for insects and rodents
  • Poor indoor air quality

To understand more about where air leakage can occur and the benefits of air sealing your home, take a tour of the RESNET Interactive House. There you’ll find a number of home energy saving tips and ways to make your home more energy efficient.

As Americans start to re-define their relationship with the environment, there’s a strong wind of change beginning to blow across the nation. By air sealing your home, you can ensure that it blows past your eco-friendlier house instead of through it and that could make you as cool as Brad Pitt!