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New Tradition Homes

New Tradition Homes is a national leader in energy efficient home building, recently receiving the 2019 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence Award for continued leadership and superior contributions to ENERGY STAR® by the US Dept. of Energy.


New Tradition Homes

Locations: Washington, Oregon
The company is named New Tradition Homes to demonstrate the combined excitement of building new lives, new memories, and new traditions in a new home.

In this month’s feature we ask Steve Tapio, Project Manager and Building Science Team Leader with New Tradition Homes, to share his thoughts on HERS® Rated homes.

Q: What is special about a HERS® Rated home?

A: In our perspective, having a HERS® rating on each of our
homes is quite simply the very well understood ‘miles-per-gallon’ rating equivalent for homes.

Q: Why should consumers ask for the HERS® Index score on homes they are shopping for?

A: We can use the automobile comparison again; would you purchase a car/truck without knowing its performance….ie. miles per gallon? Homes without a HERS® rating have no scorecard, no ability to show what typical monthly operating costs might be. Knowledgeable buyers should be asking any builder…how does your home measure up?

Q: Why does New Tradition Homes have their homes HERS® rated?

A: First off, it allows us to see if we ‘hit the mark’ in regards to meeting our internal quality and performance standards that we have set for ourselves. As a 100% ENERGY STAR builder, it is one of the foundational criteria in meeting our goals and maintaining standards.

Q: Why consumers should expect energy efficient homes?

A: For any cost conscious consumer, energy efficiency should be top of mind awareness. This is one area that they are able to make an impact and do their part in protecting the environment in addition to garnering some savings in monthly operating expenses.

Q: How many homes does New Tradition Homes build with HERS® per year?

A: Depending on the state of the economy and market conditions, we have averaged around 250 homes that are HERS® rated annually.

Q: How does New Tradition Homes market HERS® rated homes?

A: On our website, we offer details on each of the floor plans that are available. With each plan shown, we have a ‘projected’ HERS® rating which shows a monthly, and annual, operating cost as well as an estimated reduction in energy usage. This will allow consumers to compare our homes to the competition as well as their current home they are living in. In our model homes, we feature large posters highlighting the HERS® score that is offered for all of our homes. On all of our marketing material we feature either the HERS® score logo or the RESNET Energy Smart Builder logo.

Q: How do your customers feel about HERS® rated homes?

A: From the feedback that I have heard from customers, it has offered them confidence in a home that is being well built to high standards, as well as offering a peace of mind knowing the performance metrics of the home before they even move in.