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Do Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Really Save You Money?

May 28, 2014

One of easiest and most cost-effective ways to cut your energy bills is by replacing your traditional incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient versions, and there are a couple of different options you can choose from:

But do energy efficient light bulbs really save you money? In general, these alternatives use 25 – 80% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than the traditional incandescent bulb. While the initial cost for energy efficient bulbs is higher, you save money over the course of the life of the bulb, which lasts significantly longer than its conventional equivalent.

To demonstrate how much you can save by switching to energy efficient light bulbs, the table below compares a 60-watt traditional incandescent light bulb against energy efficient ones that provide similar levels of light. The statistics regarding cost are based on the following conditions:

  • 2 hours a day of usage
  • Electricity rate of 11 cents per kilowatt-hour


Source: www.energy.gov

To learn more about the advantages of energy efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs, talk to a certified RESNET Home Energy Professional.