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Good Door Insulation Means Energy Efficient Doors

Apr 3, 2012

Most Americans are already familiar with energy efficient lighting and energy efficient appliances but energy efficient doors? They may sound a bit Star Trek-like but when it comes to door insulation, energy efficient versions have been around for a while and there’s nothing science fiction-like about them at all.

So what makes energy efficient doors different from normal ones? Quite simply, it’s what they’re made of, the way they fit into and seal your doorframe, and the fact that they are nearly five times more insulating than normal wooden doors.

Distinguishing characteristics of energy efficient doors that make their case for good door insulation:

  • They are made from fiberglass or painted steel
  • Filled with a core of polyurethane foam
  • Usually sealed using a magnetic strip similar to refrigerator doors

If you want to up your game and really go green, you can:

  • Choose energy efficient doors that contain recycled steel
  • Buy fiberboard doors that are molded from 100% recycled wood fibers

What many Americans don’t take into consideration is that their front doors have a certain shelf life, and eventually need to be repaired or replaced as their door insulation qualities wear out. Age, exposure to the elements and normal wear and tear all take their toll. When a door reaches this stage, the question becomes whether or not it’s worth repairing or replacing. A good argument for replacement, other than the benefits an energy efficient door provides, is that you can subsidize its cost through federal tax credits, which pay for 30% of qualifying doors or up to $1,500 (excluding installation costs).

Benefits of energy efficient doors:

  • Eliminate drafts – keep warm air in and your family healthy
  • Protect your home – special glass coating filters out damaging UV rays from the sun
  • Energy efficient doors can help you save up to 15% on your energy bills through effective door insulation

If you decide that the time has come for you to replace your old doors with new energy efficient ones, make sure you talk to a RESNET Certified Contractor to help guide you in your purchase. RESNET Certified Contractors will not only assist you in choosing the right door, but will also ensure that it’s properly installed, so that you can immediately start benefitting from its many advantages!