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Energy Efficiency Goes Mobile!

Apr 30, 2012

We’ve all seen the car commercials where you can start your car with an app on your smartphone. Well, what you might not know is that you can also use it to control your energy usage too.

Developers have created a number of energy efficiency apps to help homeowners cut down on energy costs and protect the environment, all through a tap or a swipe on their smartphone. Here’s a list of the top 5 apps, which can help you stay in the black while you go green!

1. The Light Bulb Finder

If it’s energy efficient lighting that you’re looking for, then this is the app for you! With the Light Bulb Finder, not only can you browse for energy saving bulbs, but also buy them online. Not only that, the app helps you calculate the savings you could achieve by replacing the current bulbs in your home. Download the Light Bulb Finder for Apple and Android.

2. greenMeter

While it’s common knowledge that speeding can lead to bad road accidents, what’s less well known is that it also significantly reduces your car’s fuel efficiency, as does rapid acceleration and sudden braking. The greenMeter’s sensors will record your changes in acceleration and your speed, giving you a good idea whether or not you’re driving efficiently. At the moment, greenMeter is only available for the iPhone; you can download greenMeter here.

3. iGo Vampire Calculator

Vampire energy isn’t only found in the Twilight movies or Bon Temps, Louisiana (for you True Blood fans); it’s also right there in your own home! Vampire energy is the electricity used by an appliance, which while turned off, is still plugged into a power source. In fact, it’s estimated that vampire energy accounts for up to 10% of an average home’s electricity use. The iGo Vampire Calculator can help you identify the guilty appliances (the app doesn’t take appliance age or model into account). Currently available for the iPhone,download the iGo Vampire Calculator here.

4. iamgreen Battery Saver

Tired of having to always charge your smartphone? Well, your utility company isn’t because every time you do, that’s more energy that you’re paying for! However, the iamgreen Battery Saver can help you cut down on the frequency of your charges. This app will identify and help you adjust battery draining settings like screen brightness, Bluetooth, etc. Displayed on one screen, you can make your adjustments right there. In addition, there are also energy efficiency tips, an energy quiz and, when you buy the app, iamgreen will automatically plant a tree on your behalf (via Trees for the Future). Currently available for Android and Blackberry, you can download the iamgreen Battery Saver here.

5. Social Energy App

Coming soon, the Social Energy App is being jointly developed by OPower and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Designed to create awareness and start online conversations about energy use, this app lets Facebook friends compete to use less energy and hold one another accountable for meeting (or failing to meet) their energy consumption goals. Be the first to know when this app launches by signing up for an alert! It’s never too early to start saving energy.