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Energy Efficient Door Replacement Can Save You Money

Jul 13, 2012

After years of taking a beating from the elements, the front door of your home will sooner or later meet the end of its intended lifespan. Rain, snow, sleet, and wind will eventually turn your door into a battered and weathered looking entranceway to your home.

If you have wooden doors, most likely they have warped with the passage of time and are allowing cool drafts in and warm air out.

When the time comes to freshen up the appearance of your home you have two choices when it comes to doors: door repair or door replacement.

The problem with a door repair is that over time, not only will the door mostly likely have changed shape, but the doorframe will also have shifted due to expansion and contraction of fluctuating temperatures.

One way to get the most out of a new door replacement is to choose a model that is both attractive and energy efficient.

While most of us have heard of energy efficient windows, a doorway can also be made to create a sealed and secure opening that will save you money when it comes to the heating bill.

Energy efficient doors are specifically designed to create a tight seal in the entranceway, using the latest technology when it comes to weather stripping to eliminate the exchange of cold and warm air. They are about five times more energy efficient than wood doors.

There are two main types of energy efficient doors:

● Steel doors: they are strong and resistant to warping.

● Fiberglass doors: less expensive than wood doors but higher in price than steel ones.

Both types of doors can be installed with a floor sweep that offers added protection by blocking airflow and they also keep insects or other critters from entering your home.

A RESNET Qualified EnergySmart Contractor can help you make an informed decision on which type of door would be best for your home and offer proper installation once you make a decision.

By choosing a certified RESNET Home Energy Professional to carry out your door replacement, you can be sure your new energy efficient door will pay for itself through the savings you make on your home energy bills.