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An Energy Efficient Furnace Heats Your Home for Less

Sep 19, 2013

If your oven or stove suddenly stops working, you can get by for awhile by ordering out, but if on a cold winter’s day your furnace decides to conk out, well, that’s a whole different story!

Because heating your home is a necessity and not a luxury, it only makes sense to learn about the cost and availability of different types of furnaces. This allows you to make an educated decision when the time comes to replace your existing one. According to ENERGY STAR, as much as half of the energy used in a typical home goes toward heating and cooling. For this reason alone, being an educated consumer will help you to save money when replacing your furnace.

The two most common types of furnaces in U.S. homes are gas and oil burning units. Typical costs for replacing a furnace range anywhere from $1500 up to $5000. The price can depend on several factors, including the size of the home.

Keep in mind that when it comes to a furnace, bigger doesn’t always mean better. For good advice on a replacement furnace, talk to a RESNET qualified heating contractor who can provide you with an estimate based on your home’s needs. RESNET qualified contractors are experts in energy efficiency and can give you the facts about what is needed to efficiently heat your home.

If your furnace is over ten years old, it may be time to replace it with an ENERGY STAR rated unit. If it’s a gas furnace that you need, consider the fact that different gas furnace efficiency requirements and labels are used for different regions across the United States. For example, ENERGY STAR certified gas furnaces in the southern states, are labeled with a unique U.S. South ENERGY STAR logo to reflect the fact that southern homes require less heat. According to ENERGY STAR, these furnaces are up to 12 per cent more efficient and can save their owners an average of $36 in annual energy costs.

If it’s an oil furnace that you’re looking for, ENERGY STAR certified models are up to 4 per cent more energy efficient than standard models and can save you an average of $66 in energy costs per year.

You may also be eligible for a tax rebate if you meet certain criteria when buying an energy efficient furnace. Before investing in a new furnace, contact your local certified RESNET Home Energy Rater or RESNET qualified heating contractor for advice.