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Fight Allergies with Energy Efficiency!

Apr 10, 2015

So what does home energy efficiency have to do with allergies? Nothing, right? After all, one is all about making your home more comfortable and saving money and energy, while the other makes you sneeze, causes itchy eyes and a general feeling of misery. The two don’t seem to be related in any way whatsoever.

But there is a connection and it’s through your heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) unit. A HVAC unit draws air from a room, pulls it over coils to either heat or cool it, and then distributes the tempered air through the house via ductwork. An air filter traps and removes microscopic particles like dust, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, plant and mold spores, and prevents them from contaminating your indoor air. However, when a filter becomes clogged and dirty, instead of removing these particles from your air, it actually contributes to the pollution. The result is higher energy bills and increased allergy symptoms.

Fortunately, the solution is a simple one. All you need to do is change your air filter. Ideally, you should check it on a monthly basis, and if your air filter already looks dirty then don’t wait – change it! Otherwise, do it at least once every three months.

  • An air filter needs changing when it’s covered by a gray, ashy-looking material.
  • Have your HVAC checked annually by a certified RESNET HVAC contractor to keep it running properly.

A clean air filter enables your HVAC to run more efficiently, which means it doesn’t have to work as hard to heat or cool your home. That leads to energy savings and more money in your pocket – energy efficiency at work. It also leads to cleaner indoor air and a healthier home environment, which helps alleviate allergy symptoms.

So there it is, the connection between energy efficiency and allergies. To understand more about the role your HVAC unit plays in maintaining a healthy and energy efficient home, talk to your local certified RESNET HVAC contractor.