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First Choice Custom Homes LLC

The mission at First Choice Custom Homes is to provide customers with exactly the home that they deserve and the quality they desire.

First Choice Custom Homes LLC

Locations: Kansas
Together, owner John Jamison and his staff have over 60 years of combined construction experience.

In this month’s feature, we asked John Jamison, President of First Choice Custom Homes to share some insight on building HERS® homes for their customers.

Q: What is special about a HERS® Rated home?

A: John: HERS rating gives the buyer a sense of confidence in knowing that care was taken during the construction process to make their home energy efficient and to know that local building codes have been met. HERS ratings also show how our homes compare with other homes built in the area.

Q: Why should consumers ask for the HERS® Index Score on homes they are shopping for?

A: John: Consumers should ask for the HERS score because it helps the buyer understand what their energy costs expenditures will be each month. It also gives them a sense of security knowing that First Choice Custom Homes cares about their pocketbook as well as the environment.

Q: Why does First Choice Custom Homes choose to have their homes HERS® Rated?

A: John: First Choice Custom Homes have our homes HERS rated for a couple of reasons. First of all, it is a requirement of many of our local building jurisdictions. Most importantly though, we believe it is our responsibility to do our part in providing each customer with an energy-efficient home as well as to help save our great country’s resources!

Q: Why consumers should expect energy-efficient homes?

A: John: In today’s competitive market our consumers expect/demand the most bang for their buck. This can be achieved by First Choice Custom Homes helping our customers control energy usage in their new homes. We achieve this during the building process by paying attention to details to be sure our homes meet or exceed all HERS rating requirements.

Q: How many homes does First Choice Custom Homes build with HERS® per year?

A: John: Approximately 12. The numbers vary from year to year. We have built and re-modeled over 100 custom homes in the Kansas City area.

Q: How do you market HERS® Rated homes?

A: John: We market our HERS ratings by using the RESNET logos on our website as well as pushing it on our HOUZZ profile. Many times we will print out the HERS reports and post them on our Kitchen Island for potential customers to view.

Q: How do your customers feel about HERS® Rated homes?

A: John: In one word ECSTATIC! They know that First Choice Custom Homes cares about their financial stability which is provided by utilizing construction practices to help control their energy usage. We value each of our customers and I believe they fully trust and appreciate First Choice Custom Homes!