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What to Look for When Searching for a Home Energy Auditor

Dec 18, 2012

As a homeowner, you want to protect your most valuable asset by using the best-qualified professionals for your home improvements and renovations.

When using the services of a Home Energy Auditor – an expert in the field of home energy efficiency – finding the right person for the job is an important step toward lower energy bills and improved home comfort.

A Home Energy Auditor will provide you with a report on the overall energy efficiency of your home and offer advice on what steps you can take to achieve optimum performance through cost effective measures to correct any problem areas.  Finding a Home Energy Auditor who has the qualifications and expertise to give you the best advice means contacting someone who is RESNET certified.

A RESNET certification ensures a professional Home Energy Auditor has completed training to achieve a high level of knowledge and expertise in home energy efficiency. The certification standards for RESNET trained people are recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the U.S. Mortgage Industry, and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

RESNET certified professionals abide by three areas of conduct:

  • Technical proficiency: They are well trained and must demonstrate a high level of technical proficiency. In addition, they are committed to improving their knowledge and skills through continued and ongoing training.
  • Ethics: All RESNET professionals must conduct home energy audits within the guidelines and standards put in place.
  • Objectivity: Contained in the RESNET Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics are strict rules regarding objective ratings or audits. A RESNET certified Home Auditor must disclose any financial interest they have in a home they are auditing.

Of course you will want to find an Auditor you can trust and you work well with. Talk to friends and neighbors who have recently used a service provider; you can also use the RESNET database to search for certified professionals in your area. Your path to lower energy bills and increased home comfort begins with finding the right auditor for the job.

With the high standards and level of achievement required to obtain certification, you can be sure that using a RESNET certified Home Energy Auditor will mean you will receive accurate reports and good advice on your home’s level of energy efficiency.