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Make Your Roof Repair Energy Efficient

Apr 3, 2012

Why would you factor in energy efficiency when thinking about roof repair? It may sound somewhat unlikely, but the truth is that the roof of a house can help determine how energy efficient your home is. When you really think about, it’s actually quite logical: the sun shines down on your roof, the roof absorbs the sun’s rays and distributes that heat throughout the house. Now if the roof is not energy efficient, then you may find that your home is too hot in the summer, forcing you to use more energy in the form of your air conditioner to cool it down, all of which costs you money.

A major contributor to roof energy inefficiency is improper attic ventilation, which can lead to:

  • Premature aging of roof materials
  • Rotting joists and decking
  • Mold growth
  • Excessive heat retention in summer

When contemplating roof repair or replacement, consider investing in reflective roofing. Reflective roofing can lower your roof’s surface temperature by up to 100F by decreasing the amount of heat being transferred into your home. As a result, air conditioning usage can be reduced by anywhere from 10-15%.

Other forms of energy efficient roofing include ballasted roof and “green” roof systems.

Ballasted Roof Systems

Ballasted roof systems are made up of a membrane that’s laid loosely on the roof deck and held in place by natural stone or precast concrete pavers. Studies showed that these type of roof systems are generally more energy efficient that standard roofs.

“Green” Roof Systems

A “green” roof is basically a rooftop garden. A layer of vegetation is laid across the roof of a home, providing shade and removing heat through evapotranspiration. It also reduces roof surface temperatures along with that of the surrounding area. Green roofs are also excellent insulators, absorbing heat and reducing the energy usage needed to heat and cool the house.

Talk to a certified RESNET Home Energy Rater to find out what roof repair options are available to you and how you can take advantage of existing government incentives when re-doing your roof.