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The Perfect Patio Party

Aug 4, 2014

Nothing says summer better than the perfect patio party! To help make your next patio party not only unforgettable but eco-friendly and energy efficient too, check out our great tips!

  1. Send Out or Hand Deliver Invitations
    A customized party invitation will delight guests and look great pinned on the fridge too! People will appreciate the thought you put into creating and mailing them out, and don’t be surprised if you see a few pictures of the invitations posted on social media as well. To stay environmentally friendly, make sure you use recycled paper to create your invitations.
  2. Use Fun Decorations
    Balloons and personalized banners are always a good idea! Tea light candles are wonderful for adding ambience, and a great way to illuminate your patio without using energy. Hanging strands of party lights (that use energy efficient LED light bulbs) all around your patio also create real atmosphere, along with eco-friendly mood lights using hand-wrought metal lanterns crafted from reclaimed iron sheet packaging.
  3. Theme Your Table and Menu
    Themed paper products (theme napkins, cups, plates, etc.) with matching centerpieces can make all the difference in your party. If you’re serving wine, think about theming the bottle label too. Candles placed in vases not only decorate your table but also emit a warm, energy-saving light. And when the party’s over, kids will love taking the balloons home! As for the paper napkins, cups and plates opt for eco-friendly alternatives to help reduce the burden on our environment.
  4. Imaginative Food and Drink Ideas
    What’s a party without great snacks and creative drinks? Think about offering some fun cocktails and easy-to-make pitcher drinks. For food ideas, summer pasta salads, barbecue and colorful frozen fruit desserts are always a hit with the party crowd. Make sure to use a gas barbecue to reduce air pollution, and to save on energy in the kitchen make your patio party a potluck – lots of people love contributing their favorite recipes to parties.
  5. Entertainment
    Music is a must at every party, but change it up by having your guests be the musicians! Not only will this make it more fun but you also won’t have to worry about increased electricity costs from hooking up extra speakers and blasting your sound system. And along with the usual party games, think about providing a custom-designed photo op of a muscle man or beach girl! It’ll be a great bonding experience, and you’ll make it even more fun by sharing the pictures immediately!
  6. Patio Party Favors
    Finally, send your guests home with a smile. Chocolates or mints with a personalized message are a nice touch to keep the memories sweet!

Patio parties are even better when your garden is landscaped for energy efficiency! Speak with a RESNET Qualified EnergySmart Contractor for ideas on how to make your backyard work more efficiently for you.