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Regular Duct Cleaning Can Save You Money

Jun 24, 2012

Do you ever wonder how that fine layer of dust seems to reappear only a few days after you spent hours cleaning your home? Those tiny particles of dust, pollen, and other irritants are spread through your house by the same system you rely on to keep you warm in summer and cool in winter.

While delivering the air that keeps you comfortable, that same network of ducts and vents will also deposit unwanted dirt and debris to every room in the house. That’s why maintaining your system through regular duct cleaning is so important.

A RESNET Qualified EnergySmart Contractor will ensure the quality of air in your home is maintained through a comprehensive duct cleaning. They will also inspect your system to identify potential problems that could cause a loss of efficiency in the way air is circulated. This can include an inspection of your furnace and air conditioning system, as well as a check of potential leaks and flaws in the ductwork located throughout the house.

Why duct cleaning is essential:

  • Enhance the air quality in your home
  • Improve your home’s comfort level
  • Save on energy costs

According to ENERGY STAR, a clean and properly sealed duct and vent system can improve efficiency by up to 20 percent. An improvement in the efficiency of your system means your furnace will expend less energy pumping warm air through your house, which translates directly into significant savings on your energy bills.

Some signs of poorly functioning ducts:

  • High summer and winter utility bills
  • Rooms that are difficult to heat and cool
  • Stuffy rooms that never seem to feel comfortable
  • Ducts are located in an attic, crawlspace, or the garage
  • Tangled or kinked flexible ducts in your system

Home heating and cooling maintenance starts with your attention to some of the details like cleaning your furnace filter on a regular basis. But when it comes to the overall general health of your home, you should rely on a certified RESNET Home Energy Professional who has the knowledge and tools needed to carry out proper duct cleaning, and ensure a clean and healthy environment for you and your family.