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RESNET Commemorates Earth Day 2021 with 3 Millionth HERS® Rated Home

Apr 22, 2021

On this Earth Day 2021, RESNET is commemorating its recent milestone of over three million homes in the United States having been rated with a HERS® Index Score, a green certification measuring a home’s energy efficiency.

A HERS® rated energy-efficient home is a win-win for the homeowner and the planet, not just on Earth Day, but every day. According to recent research by the National Association of Home Builders, energy efficiency is a primary driver in home buyer preferences. In addition, the research found that buyers are generally willing to spend more on green certifications as well, including more than $2,000 upfront for a home certified to an above-code standard for health and wellness — features that have become increasingly important in the wake of COVID-19.

“Knowing your home’s HERS® Index Score can help you evaluate where to make energy-efficient changes to your home, from sealing leaks in your heating and cooling distribution system, to updating your roof. A high-performance energy-efficient constructed home is the foundation for building a healthy home,” says Steve Baden, Executive Director of RESNET, the developer of the HERS® Index.

To date, more than three million homes across the country have a HERS® Index Score. The three millionth HERS® Rated home was built by Meritage Homes, in their Watermark community in central Florida (similar to image above). “At Meritage Homes, we are grateful to be a leader in energy-efficient construction practices that lead to stronger buyer awareness as well as improved supply and trade,” says CR Herro, Meritage Homes Vice President, Innovation. “We are excited to have one of our homes earn the three-millionth HERS® rating, as it is a central factor to building better and enabling greater choices for our buyers. Our partnership with RESNET to promote more efficient homes creates enduring value for Meritage homeowners throughout the lives of HERS®-rated homes.’

The home was rated by accredited HERS® Rating Provider 15 Light Years Foundation, out of Longwood, Florida. HERS® Rater Tim Smith said of the experience on a recent episode of the RESTalk podcast, “We work really close with Meritage on their HERS® rated homes and with all of the homes we do with them, we were right there for the 3 millionth home and registered it just in time to make this achievement. Meritage is leading the way in energy efficiency and has given us a lot of tools to work with other builders in the area.”

It is calculated that the three million homes that were HERS® rated netted a savings of over $8 billion in energy costs for the homeowners who bought the HERS® rated homes. Significantly for this Earth Day, these homes reduced carbon dioxide emissions, by over 49 million tons. This is the equivalent of taking nearly 9.7 million passenger vehicles off the road for one year.

For more information, visit https://www.resnet.us/about/us/3-million-homes/