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Tips on How to Have a Green Halloween

Oct 14, 2015

Typically, you don’t think energy efficiency when you think Halloween, but you should! And here are some tips on how you can turn your Halloween this year into a “Hallogreen”.

1.    Start With the Decorations

There’s nothing quite like a dark house to set that spooky atmosphere! So, kill the bright lights and go with energy efficient LED string lighting in Halloween colors to send shivers down the spines of those trick-or-treaters brave enough to ring your doorbell. Or, you can take it one step further by using real candles to create that eerie feeling, but if you do, make sure that it’s done safely.

  • Turn cardboard boxes into tombstones
  • Paint foam peanuts (packing materials) and turn them into worms
  • Turn stockings with runs into spider-webbing

2.    Control Heat Loss

Prevent heat from escaping by shutting the door firmly after each trick-or-treat visitor. If your home has a fireplace, use it! It helps set that Halloween mood and you won’t need to run your furnace.

3.    Generate Less Waste at Halloween Parties

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, help the environment by using regular cups, plates and cutlery instead of disposable ones. And when loading the dishwasher, scrape the plates clean instead of rinsing to save water. Ensure you have a full load before starting it, and use the low heat and energy-saver options.

4.    Buy Local and Compost Halloween Props

Choose locally produced treats, and look for ones with either minimal packaging or are packaged in recycled materials. And don’t just throw away your pumpkin shell and guts once Halloween’s over – compost them or use the guts in a pumpkin pie!

5.    Leave the Car at Home

Trick or treat door-to-door on foot in your local neighborhood instead of driving further out. This way, you’ll reduce carbon emissions, save gas and have the peace of mind of knowing where your kids’ candy is coming from.

While greening your Halloween is a great idea, what’s even better is making your home more energy efficient. Lower energy costs, greater financial savings and a healthier home environment are some of the many benefits enjoyed by those living in energy efficient homes. Contact a certified RESNET Home Energy Professional to learn more.