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Founded in 1988, VIP Homes is family-owned and operated. Their team has over 200 years of combined experience, and their innovative perspective of the custom home-building process affords each client a unique and fulfilling experience.


Locations: Arizona
Voted one of the best home builders in Phoenix by City Lifestyle in 2021.

In this month’s feature, we asked VIP Homes Justin Floyd to share some insight on building HERS® homes for their customers.

Q: What is special about a HERS® Rated home?

A: Justin: A HERS®-rated home is special because it has been assessed by a certified rater to determine its energy efficiency. This rating takes into account various factors that affect energy use, such as insulation, air leakage, and heating and cooling systems, among others. A home with a lower HERS® rating is more energy-efficient, which can result in lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment.

Q: Why should consumers ask for the HERS® Index Score on homes they are shopping for?

A: Justin: Consumers should ask for the HERS® index score on homes they are shopping for because it provides valuable information about the home’s energy efficiency. A lower HERS® score means the home is more energy-efficient, which can lead to lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment. Asking for the HERS® score can also help consumers identify areas where energy efficiency improvements can be made.

Q: Why does VIP Homes choose to have their homes HERS® Rated?

A: Justin: VIP Homes is committed to providing the highest possible comfort and energy efficiency to all of our homeowners. Our HERS® raters rate and inspect each home to make sure we consistently deliver the best experience with each home we build.

Q: Why consumers should expect energy-efficient homes?

A: Justin: Consumers should expect energy-efficient homes because they can lead to lower energy bills, a more comfortable living environment, and a reduced carbon footprint. Energy-efficient homes are also often healthier and more durable, as they are built with materials and systems that are designed to reduce energy use and improve indoor air quality.

Q: How many homes does VIP Homes build with HERS® per year?

A: Justin: Every VIP Home is HERS® rated.  We are currently building around 30 homes a year.

Q: How do you market HERS® Rated homes?

A: Justin: We like to highlight the fact that “VIP Homes consistently outperform the averages in the Home Energy Rating System (HERS).” That’s a quote from our home page but not the only place we mention this. Our commitment to energy efficiency is reflected in almost all of our marketing whether it be signs, flyers, or posts on social media.

Q: How do your customers feel about HERS® Rated homes?

A: Justin: VIP Homeowners often report that their utility bills have never been lower and that they haven’t had to raise their thermostat to get there. We have had an overwhelming report of satisfaction with our HERS®-rated homes.