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How Window Replacement Can Increase Home Comfort and Energy Savings

Dec 7, 2012

A drafty home can be an uncomfortable place to be on a cold night. Many older homes suffer from leaky windows, meaning an exchange of air between your home and the outdoors is causing your heating and cooling system to work overtime. If this is the case with your home, then window replacement may be the only viable option left to you.

Replacing old windows with properly sealed and energy efficient new ones is a step in the right direction. This will ensure that your home has a proper thermal barrier. Leaky windows are one of the main sources of energy drain in a typical home.

Since the type of window replacement you need may vary according to the climate in your region, contacting a RESNET certified contractor is the best course of action to take. They can provide you with the information and help you need to make a wise decision.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, traditional style windows can waste up to 30 percent of energy used to heat or cool a building. That’s why window replacement using quality Energy Star rated windows can improve your energy savings and home comfort.

How do windows increase home energy efficiency and comfort?

  • Eliminate air exchange: Improperly sealed windows allow an exchange of warm and cool air with the outdoors. Every time your home loses air, your heating and cooling systems work to replace it and get the temperature back to an optimum level. By having new windows that are properly sealed, you eliminate the unwanted leak that’s causing your heating and cooling bills to rise. Proper sealing also stops annoying drafts.
  • Provide proper insulation:  Older single paned windows allow radiant energy to leave your home. Newer designs utilize double or even tripled paned glass that is Energy Star rated to provide a proper insulating seal around your home. Some windows even have argon gas that is pumped in-between windowpanes to increase insulating performance. These types of windows are more expensive but highly effective in very cold climates.

Replacing your leaky old windows with energy efficient models will start saving you money the day they are installed and will increase the comfort level of your home by providing a stable and constant temperature all year long.

Contact a RESNET certified contractor in your area for the best service and advice on energy efficient replacement windows.